Students in Cyprus create ChatGPT-powered robot AInstein to improve classroom teaching

pascaldt 15.3.23

Students in Cyprus create ChatGPT-powered robot AInstein to improve classroom teaching.

PASCAL English School in Cyprus

have recently completed the creation of a robot that has the capabilities to understand commands, interact with humans and perform everyday tasks using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. After much experimentation and hard work, PASCAL Space Center proudly presents AInstein!

The idea to create AInstein came from the desire for PASCAL students to use AI technology to design and develop a robot that could communicate with humans in a natural and intuitive way. PASCAL students were particularly enthusiastic about the project and on their own initiative named the robot AInstein after Albert Einstein. Faced with several challenges, they researched projects in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence while using materials and software that gave the impetus to make this idea a reality.

AInstein is powered by ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art natural language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT enables Einstein to understand and respond to human speech, as well as perform a variety of tasks such as playing music, setting alarms, and answering questions. AInstein's hardware includes a Raspberry Pi, a camera, microphone, and speaker, which are used to detect human presence and enable communication. The robot is programmed to learn and improve over time through a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning.

Moreover, the creation of AInstein was an excellent opportunity for PASCAL students to develop and use their creativity, as well as their critical thinking, and communication skills. Moreover, the students get to develop their sense of teamwork as the final project is the result of the collaboration of all PASCAL schools in Larnaka, Lemesos and Lefkosia. Through the development of AInstein, our students have been in a position to challenge themselves, fostering a mindset of continuous self-growth and development, through hard work and dedication.

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