Turkey is building three new frigates equipped with weapons systems

Turkey Mavi Vatan

Despite the friendship "offensive" from Turkey, the plans of the Erdoğan government to promote the so-called "Blue Homeland" narrative seem to be unchanged.

Indicative is what was announced on Thursday by the president of the Directorate of Defence Industry, İsmail Demir, during the signing of contracts for the construction of three new domestic frigates for the needs of the Navy.

"We are in a period when the world and the region we live in are going through major political and economic upheavals. The instability in many of our neighbours has reached such proportions that it affects our country," said Demir.

"We continue our fair fight in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and our efforts without slowing down to fulfill our duty to provide the Turkish Armed Forces with the ships needed by our Naval Forces Command, the indomitable guardians of the 'Blue Homeland', equipped with the latest technologies," he added.

At another point, the president of the Directorate of Defence Industry points out that the new frigates will strengthen Turkey in the 'Blue Homeland', bringing back to the public debate after a long time the extreme claims against the Greek maritime zones.

"Turkey's presence in the seas is very important. It is very important for the 'Blue Homeland'. In the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean we have a fair fight. We can only continue these struggles if we are strong in the 'Blue Homeland'," he said.

"The power in the 'Blue Homeland; will be our national systems and this will give us a very big advantage. We will continue to grow and modernise our fleet.

The new I-Class frigates will be built in three different private shipyards, with a schedule of 36 months and according to what was announced, they will be equipped with weapons and electronic systems of domestic production.

The Turkish media presented Demir's statements with characteristic headlines. The publication of the Milliyet newspaper is typical. "The Blue Homeland will be reinforced with three frigates."

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