Greek businessman Giorgos Bombolas died at 94

Giorgos Bombolas

Greek businessman and publisher Giorgos Bombolas, born in 1929 in Piraeus, died at the age of 94.

Originally from Messinia and Laconia, his father was a guerrilla of the Greek People’s Liberation Army and fought in the National Resistance, and he himself was arrested at the age of 14 by the Nazi Germans for writing pro-Resistance slogans on walls in Kastella.

He continued his activity as a member of EPON. Bombolas later studied civil engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and looked for a job at the Ministry of Public Works without success, as he had been “labelled” as a communist.

Bombolas turned to the private sector and founded the construction company “Technodomi” with the later Minister of Public Works Evangelos Kouloubis as a key partner.

Active in construction, energy, and mass media (MME), with vehicle 2 companies:

* Ellactor, which arose after the merger of Aktor ATE and Hellenic Technodomiki SA in 1999.

* Pegasos Publishing, which owned the television station Mega Channel (by 25%, until November 2019, after the acquisition of the station in its entirety by Alter Ego Mass Media S.A.), the newspapers Ethnos and Imerisia (until 2017), and a number of websites and periodicals.

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