Greece finalises purchase of Spike missiles from Israel - the Aegean islands are "shielded"

spike missiles israel

Greece's purchase of the Spike missile system from Israel will strengthen the defences in the Aegean as Turkey relaunches  its aggression and claims against the Greek islands.

The agreement is worth up to $400 million. It concerns the acquisition of systems mainly for the Army and a small number for the Navy. In addition, the same package includes the upgrade of the Apache attack helicopters.

On Holy Monday, the General Directorate of Defence Equipment and Investments announced that "the signing of the international agreements with the State of Israel was completed today."

Spikes are among the most capable systems in their class that can be engaged against tanks or other land and sea targets, from land or helicopter, day or night. They have a range of over 30 kilometres and hit targets without the operator having visual contact.

It is an effective shield for the defence of the Aegean islands as well.

The deal, which went through many stages and many postponements until the final signatures, is not the only one pending in recent months.

For the Army, Navy and Air Force, a series of consultations and contacts are underway to acquire or upgrade critical systems.

Last Friday, the National Defence and Foreign Affairs committee came up with the upgrade of the MEKO frigates of the Navy, an issue that takes time and for which the amount of 600 million euros has been approved.

At the same time, Greece sent a Letter of Request for a total of 49 Black Hawk helicopters to replace the aging Hueys. The answer is expected around the end of the year.

Greece is awaiting a response to the Letter of Offer & Acceptance from the US for the F-35 fighter jets.

Pending is the issue of acquiring new corvettes for the Navy, as are decisions on the C-130s.

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