Ukrainian man sexually assaults Belgian schoolgirl in Athens

rape bar

A Belgian minor has accused a Ukrainian man of sexually assaulting her in a bar in Athens after he drugged her.

Specifically, according to Proto Thema, in the early hours of Tuesday, April 11 at 02:00, a 33-year-old Ukrainian, a resident of Volos, was at a well-known bar on Skoufa Street in Kolonaki to have fun with his friends.

There, according to the case file filed against him, he met a minor girl from Belgium who was in Greece on a school trip. The Belgian student was at the bar with other classmates to have fun when her 33-year-old Ukrainian tried to approach her, flirting with her.

When he found that the minor was dizzy from the consumption of alcohol, he attempted to have sexual intercourse with her. At first he made some indecent gestures, but when she showed that she did not wish to proceed with him, the Ukrainian immobilised her and proceeded to sexually abuse her.

Her classmates who realised what was happening alerted their chaperones, who in turn called the police. After a while, the Ukrainian was brought to Syntagma police station where he was identified by the victim.

During the check, an improvised package with a narcotic substance was found on him, which was confiscated. The 33-year-old Ukrainian is going to be brought before the Athens District Attorney.

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