EASTER 2023: 10 gifts that will save godparents at the last minute

Easter children

Easter is just around the corner. When do you expect to do the necessary shopping for your goldchild? A day before when everyone will be running to the shops? It would be good to organise a little earlier, so that you can save stress and running around.

So how about taking a look at the list of last-minute products that Gazzetta have prepared for you, so that you can choose the right gift and be adored by your godchild?

Basketball Trampoline 2.5m or 3m or 3.65m


A trampoline for children is everything they need to exercise, but also to have fun. It should be safe and appropriate for the child's age, so you should choose one that is suitable for your purpose. As above.

Koala The Arithmetic


Climbing the palm tree with their friend the Koala, the baby makes an amazing discovery: this tree has squares, triangles and circles! Fisher-Price's Linkimals™ Arithmetic Koala is an educational animal with lights, songs and phrases that teaches babies numbers and shapes.

Pictionary Air


Pictionay Air™ is the hilarious new way to play the classic family board game of painting! Draw in the air and see your sketch on your device screen. Download the Pictionary Air™ app to your smart device and enjoy the game.

Children's Kitchen Smoby Tefal Studio Kitchen XL Bubble


The Tefal Studio XL Bubble Kitchen is a toy, with a modern design for kids who love cooking and want to become a new chef! Very stable and durable, it will keep them happy for countless hours of fun!

Ball Player Lamp & 4 Cones


Player lamp with a leather ball and 4 plastic cones in the colours of your favourite team, to train and score!

Children's Skateboard M1 iSporter Mini Skorpion Wheels Pink


The Skorpion Wheels M1 iSporter Mini children's skate is ideal for ages 3-5, but it always depends on the child's development. See the exact dimensions of the scooter.

Creamania Painter's Suitcase


Metal painter's suitcase with everything you need to paint on canvas inside: – 1 easel canvas – 12 tubes of acrylic tempera – 1 palette – 3 different brushes – 4 pencils – 1 sharpener – 1 eraser.

Prepaid Playstation Card


Prepaid PlayStation Network card that allows you to download unique content from the PlayStation Store without using a credit card, on PS4, PS3, and even PS Vita! You will be able to purchase exclusive games, SingStar music tracks as well as access to the virtual world of PlayStation Home!

Electric Car Genuine Audi TT RS 12v


The stroller is suitable for ages from 1 to 5 years (always according to the child's development). And the dimensions of the car are (L) 103 x (W) 62 x (H) 43.5 cm. It provides bluetooth technology remote control to control it wirelessly from a long distance that reaches up to 80 meters without interference.

Hydro sphere lamp


An elegant lamp which is at the same time a design decorative element, an ideal addition to your library or office. The illuminated globe features a 20.5cm diameter and unique blue and silver color mapping that lends a contemporary and modern feel to the classic desk accessory.

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