Saint Gobain CEO Benoit Bazin met with Indian Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal

Benoit Bazin

Saint Gobain CEO Benoit Bazin met with Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal while he is in France to chair India-France Business Summit.

While speaking to ANI, Saint Gobain CEO Benoit Bazin said that the future of India on how to accelerate the growth of the economy and the presence of Saint Gobain in India were discussed in the meeting with Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal.

India has been growing very fast, double-digit over the last 25 years and now is the third country in the profit pool of Saint Gobain Worldwide.

After the US and France, India is now number three. We have Asia managed by our manager for India. The CEO of India is also overseeing all of Asia for us and the group CFO of Saint Gobain.

After 350 years our Group CFO is from India. That shows also the essence and the importance of India towards the future of Saint Gobain.

“We discussed the plan to multiply by three times in the next ten years. second, we are advocating for green buildings in India, light and sustainable construction, for good summer comfort, and acoustic, and air quality,” he said while speaking to ANI.

Decarbonizing and reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and helping India to achieve the carbon neutrality journey in the next decade are some of the main topics discussed between the Saint Gobain CEo and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal.

On asking what their plans were for green energy in India, Benoit Bazin said that by 2024, Indians will have 60 per cent of renewable electricity and 100 per cent by 2027.

He further said that Saint Gobain pushes a circular economy and recycled products and while doing so, they decarbonize the processes.

“They have a lot of initiatives towards reducing carbon footprint in their 33 manufacturing sites in India. And second, promote the low carbon offer out reduce,” he added.

“Seeing the content of CO2 in cement, in concrete, low carbon glass, a lot of solutions for green buildings for the future of India. India is the fastest, largest growing economy and the IMF and world agencies are saying that this is the best investment plan, the best sprint destination,” Saint Gobain CEO added while speaking to ANI.

India is a great place. It’s a democracy. There is a huge demography. The future of India is bright in terms of growth. The success of Saint Gobain shows over the last 25 years that you can be profitable and growing. You have a very, very strong pool of talents for R and D, manufacturing, and digital.

It’s a great place to do business and has fantastic teams. For me, that’s the main asset–fantastic teams and demography in India for the next decade.

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