Abandoned Tiger cub found in garbage put down, zoo announces

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Hasija, the four-month-old white tiger cub found under a garbage bin outside Attica Zoological Park in late February, has been put down, the zoo has said.

In a post on Facebook, the zoo said that it had done everything possible to save the animal, the tiger’s “serious incurable and painful genetic problems were incompatible with a basic quality of life and well-being.”

Last week, a team of 12-member team of veterinary experts said the cub, who was found by a cleaner, could not be saved.

“Following the final order of the authorities, and in the presence of veterinarians, little Hasija died today without pain, in the place where she lived all this time and among the people who cared for her, loved her and became very attached to her during these six weeks,” the zoo said.

The remains of the animal were then transferred to the anatomy laboratory of the University of Thessaly veterinary school.

The zoo said it hoped the publicity around the cub would raise awareness about the trafficking of wild animals and spur the authorities into combatting it.

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