"You're a kouklo, I love you": Adonis Georgiadis was deified by an elderly woman in Varvakios (VIDEO)

Adonis Georgiadis

The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, on Tuesday morning visited the Varvakios market while talking to butchers and customers.

During his visit to the market, a cute scene between an old woman and Georgiadis unfolded.

The woman rushed to hug him and kiss him, telling him "you're a kouklo (doll), you're a kouklo." Adonis Georgiadis told reporters, laughing: "Take a nice picture of me with my friend. This is the statement to play."

"I love you. So be it, natural and beautiful. And unpainted! You have your naturalness. Damn you," continued the elderly woman, exchanging wishes for a Happy Easter with the minister.

The snapshot of his meeting with the elderly woman was published on Twitter by the Minister of Development.

"In Varvakios today a lady offered me an amazing warm moment with her beautiful words. I thank her so much. It is nice in this time of toxicity to have this welcome from the world in a good mood," the tweet said.

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