Easter 2023: Greek celebrities left for the holidays

easter 2023

Greek celebrities are now on their Easter holidays, and this year, most of them chose to spend Easter traditionally and as a family, together with friends and relatives. Several celebrities also traveled outside of Greece.

On social media in the last few hours, several famous people have posted the destination they have chosen for their holidays.

Despina Vandi: In Kavala with her nephew

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The popular singer, Despina Vandi, chose her special hometown, Kavala, for a few days of rest. In a photo she posted, it appears that she is accompanied by her nephew, Pericles.

Angela Gerekou: On her island, Corfu

Angela Gerekou

With a photo from the centre of Corfu, Angela Gerekou publicised her arrival on the island, where she will spend the festive season with her loved ones. By her side is her mother, with whom they enjoyed their coffee together in a shop on the island.

Olympia Chopsonidou - Vassilis Spanoulis: At Skala Atalantis with their family

greek celebrities easter

Olympia Chopsonidou, Vassilis Spanoulis and their six children will spend this year's Easter at Skala Atalantis. The family preferred Greece to spend the holidays together.

Konstantinos Argyros - Alexandra Nika: Easter in Beverly Hills

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The rumoured couple is currently in Beverly Hills, where they are said to be spending the Easter holidays. Although they have not confirmed their relationship, they have been uploading separate photos from their trip on the other side of the Atlantic.

Eliana Chrysikopoulou: In Italy with her daughters

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And Eliana Chrysikopoulou chose abroad, shortly after the news of her separation from Nikolas Faraklas. The MEGA journalist traveled to Italy with her daughters, posting on Instagram snapshots from the airport.

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