Greek-Australian beauty Mary Vitinaros: "All men in Greece are very handsome"

Mary Vitinaros

Mary Vitinaros spoke about her decision to move permanently to Greece in an interview she gave on the morning show 'To Proino'.

The model born in Australia, was a guest on the show 'To Proino' (The Morning) and mentioned among other things, her participation in Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM), while she also commented on the men in her ancestral homeland, Greece.

More specifically, to Giorgos Liagas' question about who she considers the most beautiful men, Mary Vitinaros said: "Difficult question. I think that in Greece all men are beautiful".

"I want the man to be kind, honest and have a sense of humour because personally, that's how I am," she added.


In the course of her interview she pointed out that: “I was born in Melbourne, Australia. My father is Greek but born in Australia and my mother is Italian but she was also born in Australia. I am a third-generation Greek."

"Greeks know how to live, they have balance in their lives"

"At home we spoke English, I went to a Greek school and only knew the basics. When I came here I couldn't conversate at all. Now I know," she said.

"I came to Greece for the first time on vacation when I was 24 years old. I am from Kalamata. I lived and worked in America, predominantly New York, for seven years. I came to Greece for GNTM, but now I decided to stay here.

"I feel very good here, you have a nice life in Greece. Greeks know how to live, they have balance in their lives. In Australia and America it is very much on the run. They work very hard, there is history here.

"Greeks are warm people. You go for coffee, the way of life here, the culture, the food. You are close to the beaches... Greece is convenient, you can go everywhere."

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Mary Vitinaros of GNTM enjoys Plaka in Athens

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