New Lamborghinis exported to Greece


The most common and widespread way that new cars are transported from factories is by ships and trucks, vehicles moved by the thousands and on specially designed ships travel around the world and arrive at their final destination after long journeys that in some cases last for weeks.

But what about vehicles that cost a fortune? How, for example, do Lamborghini cars get from the factory, to dealerships, and from there to customers?

A reasonable question that are solved today with the images and video published by News Auto.

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As you will see, Italian cars, along with other very expensive models are transported with specially designed 18-metre long carriages.

Those in question load a certain number of cars and even the truck driver is not a simple driver as he has gone through training to be able to handle these types of cars.

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The truck you will see in the following video came a few days ago from Italy to Greece to deliver two Lamborghini models, two Maserati models and the same number of supercars.

As the owner of the importing company Giorgos Lymberakis explains, from the moment a new car is produced, three people drive it until it reaches the hands of the new owner.

In the video, the Lamborghini Urus S and Urus Perfomante make their first appearance on Greek soil, two versions that were officially presented in our country on April 5.

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