Greece aims for 10% increase in tourism revenue from previous year

Little Venice, Mykonos

"Our goal for 2023 is for revenues to exceed by 10% those of 2022" Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said in an article with "Parapolitika" newspaper.

He underlined that 2022 was a landmark year for Greek tourism, as, despite multiple crises, travel revenues not only reached the initial goal of 15 billion euros set by the government's financial staff before the war broke out in Ukraine, but they also surpassed it by reaching 17.6 billion euros.

"We managed therefore in a very difficult moment - not only for our country but also for all of Europe - to strengthen the national economy and the income of the average Greek family, to bring investments, making tourism a key driver of development, and with the surplus of 2.7 billion to make a decisive contribution to the government's effort to support the weakest," Kikilias underlined.

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