New price reduction by Tesla, owners are furious


Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has reduced the selling prices of its new models four times, which also applies in Greece. Elon Musk's policy to make his company's cars more affordable is intended to increase their sales worldwide.

As announced, in Greece, the price of the Model 3 now starts at 41,990 euros and with the government subsidy it is reduced to 33,990 euros, when a while ago its basic price was 44,990 euros.


In Model Y the new price is 46,990 euros and with the government subsidy it is reduced to 38,990 euros.

For the Model S the new reduced price starts from 108,990 euros and for the Model X from 116,990 euros.

The company said in a statement published by Reuters that the price cuts are of its mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

“Our masterplan has set a clear pathway to achieve that mission: the transformation of cost-intensive small-series products to cheaper mass-series vehicles,” according to the statement.


The reduction in the price of the Model 3 in Greece also obviously makes it more affordable and more attractive as a purchase for those interested in acquiring a purely electric model.

In one sense, this is positive for the company (which will see its sales increase) and for potential buyers. However, there is also the other side which concerns the protection of existing customers.

The latter do not feel comfortable seeing the price of the car they received even a few days ago suddenly decrease. They paid more for the same product and clearly feel like they were ripped off.

They preferred Tesla and its models because it already had a good commercial image and because it had cars that had acquired a significant reputation and intangible value.

Model X Plaid Tesla

However, now, it is very likely that this trust that its customers already have in the American company will be lost, as the chosen commercial policy of successively reducing the prices of its models, devalues ​​what they have already acquired.

It remains to be seen if Tesla will continue this practice. However, traditional car manufacturers take care and protect their customers in this area, whether in their thermal engine models or purely electric ones.

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