Konstantinos Argiros: "Anna Vissi called me to sing with her before I left for Italy to study medicine"

Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos Argiros was invited to the show "Tet-a-tet" and spoke about his career, his family and his personal life.

Among what he said, he talked about his parents' efforts to start a family and finally his mother gave birth to triplets, the first in Greece.

About this, he said: "My parents were two people who fought in their lives to achieve things... They were people who chased their dreams. They met in Italy, in Rome, when they went to study. They have been together ever since. When they finished from Italy and returned to Athens, they struggled to start a family for many years. They had some woefully failed attempts at starting a family. They fought again and again. They got to the point where it couldn't be done in a normal way anymore, but they had such a strong will to start a family despite whatever problems they had at the time, both in their finances and in their lives."

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“Their goal was to start a family by any means necessary. It's not like they had money. They started with a rental house with the sole aim of starting a family. So they went into the process of doing IVF. Back then it was very difficult in Greece... They succeeded. My mother's doctor then told her that because all this was unprecedented and they had never had triplets in Greece before, that for nine months she should be in bed and do nothing. She spent nine months in bed. When I ask her how she did this, she always tells me that all she thought about for nine months was the day she would give birth," added Argiros.

"Since I was little, I followed my instincts and my desires... I didn't understand why I work so much and why I give so much energy to my development, to the way I sing. From a young age I liked to develop. I was not born a good singer, I was not born a musician. I studied piano, music, I studied my voice, I started to develop it but even now I don't understand how some things become reality. I try to enjoy it. In the past, I wasn't happy about it," Argiros said during the interview.

"In the beginning we lived in Peristeri. Then we moved to Ilion. My parents still live there. I have moved to the centre... I did not feel like I wanted to escape from Ilion because it is an area where I have experienced magic. I still go there because my parents are there, my brother lives there too. I will see my childhood friends who live there," he stressed.

About the first steps he took in music and the doubt he experienced, the singer said: "I had done my paperwork to go to Italy to study medicine and at that time [Anna] Vissi called me to sing with her... I followed my instinct. I was closing after work... Problems were arising. Some companies didn't believe me at first. There were also extreme cases.

"To people who wanted to help me, the companies told them, 'don't deal with him.' At that time I was also struggling but maybe it was also the reason to become better," he said.

"The people who doubted me then did me a favour. Now they are very good with me. I also thank them because without them I could not have done some things that I did not even imagine as a child that I would do," he added.

The comparison with Antonis Remos

At another point, Konstantinos Argiros also referred to Antonis Remos, stressing that the comparison with him by many never bothered him.

"Antonis is a man who has written his own history, which is huge by Greece's standards. He's written some great songs, he's got a great voice and I really have nothing but admiration for him, both as a person and as an artist. I was not bothered by the comparison with him because he is one of the people who was an inspiration for me" he said .

About his personal life, Konstantinos Argyros said: "My parents tell me to start a family and as time goes by I have that in mind too. What I answer to them is that everything will happen as God brings it, you don't plan on it... I am one of those people who want to start a family. I believe that when that moment comes I will find time for everything. There have been relationships in the past that have lasted a little longer, but there will be some reason why they didn't move forward."

"Of course it's not easy for a girl to be with me, but it's hard for me to think that all this is hard for her. I believe that if there is understanding, everything can be resolved through dialogue."

Finally, regarding the reason he chooses to protect his personal life and not talk about his relationships, Konstantinos Argyros answered: “If you want to protect your private life, you can do that... I have had a relationship that has not been found out. In general, I like to protect my relationships. I'm not just protecting me, I'm also protecting the girl because you never know how long this is going to last or where it's going to lead. Why charge something without the blessing or seriousness of a situation? Since I was little, I didn't like to show my life."

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