Lefteris Pantazis: I sold ice, wrapped souvlakia, and was a plumber before I sang

Lefteris Pantazis

Lefteris Pantazis was a guest on the show "Studio 4" on Easter Monday and talked about his professional and personal life. Among the things that stood out in the interview was the way he started singing and the professions he did until he became famous.

"Mum always said to be a lawyer, doctor, mums are always like that. My dad believed me in, the poor man, he loved me so much that I had this passion to be a singer and he took me to movies and helped me," Pantazis said.

"I worked too many jobs growing up. I made the souvlakia for Korydallos, my mum made the pites, I wrapped them. I worked as a plumber, and sold ice in the neighbourhood. At the same time I was singing," he added.

The singer also mentioned an incident which made him pursue his love for singing even more seriously.

"I saw two children in Freedom Square, they stopped on a tricycle with their dad and sang in the shop I go to. I was amazed, they sang two or three songs and then they took a plate and received what I made in a month. Aman I said, I'll learn guitar," Pantazis said.

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