Despina Vandi-Vasilis Bisbikis: Where did they travel for Easter?

Despina Vandi Vasilis Bisbikis

Vasilis Bibikis and Despina Vandi also spent this year's Easter together. This is the second Easter they spend together as a couple.

However, this year they didn't share any details from their holiday, except for two photos they shared on social media, with which they wished their followers "Many Years" for Easter.

The show "Super Katerina" revealed the destination of their trip after they were spotted at the airport on their return to Athens.

The singer and the actor, according to the show, traveled to Tuscany. Upon their arrival back in Greece, they were seen in the business lounge relaxing after the flight. Bisbikis did not want to make any statement.

For her part, Despina Vandi contented herself with wishing "Many Years", without, however, wanting to say anything else.

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