Thessaloniki building changes colour depending on the weather - See the photos

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It catches the eyes of people thanks to its design and modern architecture. It is a nine-storey, fully energy-efficient building that "sprung up" on N. Zerva Street in the "heart" of Thessaloniki and very soon will house the services and offices of EYATH Pagion.

Its peculiarity is that its façade resembles waves, with the aluminum shades changing colour according to the moods of the weather, as the building, as the researchers report, has a green-blue hue when the sun's rays fall on it and a brown shade when the clouds cover the city of Thessaloniki.

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The building was "raised" on a privately-owned plot of small area, on the street next to the town hall of Thessaloniki,.

What is noteworthy is its "green" character as photovoltaic panels will be installed in the free space of the roof that will provide energy for the building.

The ground floor has been configured with green spaces and pedestrian access corridors, while the planning for the next interventions foresees the installation of - probably colourful - lighting, so that the metal structure can be "transformed" in colour depending on the celebration of various world days.

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The former president of EYATH Pagion, Sakis Tzakopoulos, who had the idea, completed the study and the construction started during his days. He describes the project as "his child" and states that he was moved to see it construct and be completed.

In fact, in his presentation he noted that the building can be a new landmark for the city.

Thessaloniki building

For her part, the director of EYATH Pagion, Lia Papadopoulou, speaking to AMNA, referred to the move of the services, stressing that "possibly towards the end of summer and beginning of autumn," the service will be ready to settle in its new place.

She added: "For us, it is very important, because since 2003, when EYATH Pagion was created, we have been in rent. Now, 20 years later we will be housed in our own building, which was wishful thinking."

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