The Top 10 countries Greeks traveled to in 2022

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More than five million trips were made by Greeks abroad in 2022, according to data from the Bank of Greece, so naturally it raises the question on which ones are the most popular?

Although outbound traffic remained far from the records of 2018 and 2019, when the number of overseas trips reached 7.96 million and 7.85 million respectively, it more than doubled from 2021, when the number of trips had been limited due to the pandemic to approximately 2 million

Bank of Greece data show that most trips by Greeks in 2022 took place in Bulgaria (861,700 thousand). It is a destination that is chosen by a large percentage for one-day visits mainly by northern Greeks.

In 2022, Turkey (478,700) was in second place among the countries for which there are data available from the Bank of Greece and which Greeks preferred for their trips.

The ten countries with the highest number of visitors from Greeks are completed by:

3. Italy (407,000 thousand trips)

4. Germany (378,000 trips)

5. Cyprus (295,000 trips)

6. United Kingdom (255,000 trips)

7. France (186,000 trips)

8. Spain (127,000 trips)

9. Austria (125,900 trips)

10. Netherlands (118,100 thousand trips)

Accordingly, the travel expenses of Greeks abroad in 2022 exceeded 1.9 billion euros, from 1.1 billion euros in 2021. It is noted that a record of travel expenses abroad by Greeks was achieved in 2019 (2.74 billion euros).

Based on the available data, at the top of the list with the most expenditures by Greeks is Italy (196.4 million).

Following are:

2. Germany (194.3 million)

3. United Kingdom (177.4 million)

4. Cyprus (131.2 million)

5. France (118.1 million)

6. Turkey (11.2 million)

7. USA (102.9 million)

8. Spain (80.9 million)

9. Netherlands (68.9 million)

10. Austria (60.4 million)

The highest average expenditure per trip of Greeks abroad is recorded in the USA (1,278 euros) and the lowest in Bulgaria (77.2 euros).

As regards the other destinations in the United Kingdom the average expenditure reached 695.8 euros, in Spain 637.3 euros, in France 634.1 euros, in the Netherlands 583.3 euros, in Russia 564, 4 euros, in Egypt at 534.1 euros, in Germany at 513.7 euros and in the Czech Republic at 506.6 euros.

The average length of stay per trip abroad is seven days. The longest average length of stay is recorded in Russia (25 days), followed by the USA with 23.3 days. On the contrary, the lowest average length of stay is recorded in Bulgaria with 1.6 days.

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