Why staying in a Cave House in Santorini should be on your bucket list

Why staying in a Cave House in Santorini should be on your bucket list

Visiting Santorini is a dream for many people and staying in one of its famous cave houses, is undoubtedly one of the things you must definitely experience on this island with its endless beauty, at least once in your lifetime.

Cave House Santorini

Last June I was lucky enough to enjoy this unique experience while staying in two different cave houses. The first one is situated in the most beautiful village of Santorini, Pyrgos, and the second is in Vourvoulos, a quiet hamlet a few steps away from Imerovigli and Fira.

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The caves were created years ago by the Santorinians, who wanted to be closer to the sea because of poverty and dug through the rocks. Today these are little pieces of earthly paradise radiating coolness and tranquillity.

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What they can offer you is magical, a feeling that you are part of nature, that you are in the heart of mother earth. I don’t know if words are capable of describing this greatness, the feeling I had staying in a cave house and having an experience that I will never forget. One thing is for sure, though, I will come back because no one ever said that when you realise your dream, you cannot experience it again and again.

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Inside the Cave Houses, I felt that time stopped, just enough to enjoy these moments and embrace my surroundings. Especially in the bedroom, the sensation was completely serene, so I could hang together with Morpheus for hours without having anything bother me.

After a very tedious year, I needed a little time to cut off from the hectic Athenian pace and create “Zen” vibes while on holiday in Santorini.

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The entire villas-Cave Houses are covered with cement splashed in white and grey. Over the years, the Cyclades has developed a unique architecture that is found nowhere else in the world. This technique compliments the island's beauty and its earthy aesthetics,  along with the vaulted ceiling of the cave house, offering a feeling that we are part of nature, this superior power that mobilises everything.

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If I had to choose my greatest pleasure in these Cave Houses that wasn't associated with nature, then without a second thought I would choose two things: The breakfast, with handmade delicacies that were served on our veranda every morning and the hot Jacuzzi. After a walk through Oia every night, I was ready to return to our villa, running into the room, putting on my swimsuit and diving into the hot water of the outdoor spa.

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I cannot describe a more relaxing feeling than this... the warm water soothing every part of my body and the calm of the night that brought much-needed peace to my mind.


I visited the above Cave Houses:

Pyrgos Kastelli Villasin Pyrgos

Heart of Santorini Zuzim Villa in Vourvoulos

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