Dimitris Topalidis: The actor "Black Rose" was the victim of a savage beating in Nea Smyrni

Dimitris Topalidis

The actor Dimitris Topalidis, who played the role of the police director in the successful TV series "Siopilos dromos" (Black Rose), was savagely beaten by two young men in the Athens neighbourhood of ​​Nea Smyrni.

The actor was severely beaten and suffered injuries to his face and ribs, while from the kicks he has bruises on his pancreas and liver. As Dimitris told  Proto Thema, everything happened on Holy Tuesday and just a few metres away from his house:

"I was returning to my house and a few metres away a big truck had blocked the road. They had installed neither a cone nor any ribbon to warn drivers about the loading and unloading. I tried to find some way to get away, but nothing happened, I remained immobilised for a while," he said.

“I was honking no response. For over ten minutes no one cared what was going on. I finally got out of my car and approached the truck and as soon as I saw the driver's side window was down I honked the horn so they would recognise that something was going on and they had to hurry.

"No response again, so I honked the horn from the truck and a second time a little while later."

Dimitris Topalidis

A little while later, the two young transporters arrived at the scene and started cursing him.

"After a while, two guys in their 30s appeared who, instead of apologising for the delay, started shouting and cursing. They grabbed me and threw me down and start kicking me all over the body kind of like Zak Kostopoulos. As soon as I managed to get away from them I got into my car and called the police.

"At that time I looked in the mirror and I see a no exaggeration bulge protruding at least 4 centimeters from the left temple. Scratches on forehead and right eye. The police came quickly and there they were saying that I provoked them."

Dimitris Topalidis

The actor together with the two transporters found themselves at the police of Nea Smyrni.

"I will start all the procedures normally today I am preparing to go to the department to request a forensic examination because the blows were serious. While my body was getting cold, I had unbearable pain everywhere, in my legs, head, ribs.

"So in the afternoon of the same day I went to the emergency room of the hospital, where it was found in the abdominal ultrasound, three hematomas in the pancreas and the liver.

"I also had pain in my ribs, however I didn't care if one was broken in front of this development because as I was told the hematomas are serious."

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