Greek Australian woman turned $1,000 from her Pizza job into a $60million fashion empire that started from her bedroom

Babyboo Founder Ceo Argylica Conditsis-

Greek Australian Argylica Conditsis started her own fashion business called Babyboo with just $1,000 at the age of 17. She began working from her bedroom in her parents' house in Baulkham Hills, NSW Australia and her initial goal was to create unique high-heeled shoes.

Her entrepreneurial idea soon turned into a successful business venture, and she is now the co-founder of a fashion empire worth $60 million Ms. Conditsis told FEMAIL.

'Once I started seeing the great response from others, I thought to try sell them on Facebook - and it went viral instantly.'

The shoes would take hours to create and Ms Conditsis, now 29, had hundreds of orders on end from customers, which she struggled keeping up with. 

Then her brother William, now 27, suggested introducing clothing into the mix - and watched the brand take off to reach new heights ever since. 

Today Babyboo has grown to become an Australian ecommerce juggernaut that boats 1.5million Instagram followers and is sold in 145 countries.

Ms Conditsis had to drop out of her Visual Communications university degree to keep up with demand - a decision her parents tried talking her out of. 

'It was never meant to be the business it was today - it was literally just a crazy idea for a hobby, but it got a lot of attention and virality,' she said. 

Not only did she not have any business experience, she also didn't have any funding, mentoring or assistance. 

'Being so young when we first started out, we were in this naïve, delusional state of mind. I was hungry to do something new and had no idea where it would take me,' she said. 

'If you told me back then everything we've achieved now I would've laughed. The goal was never to build a successful business, but just a goal to do more.'  

Ms Conditsis turned to a planned, sensible approach when it comes to growing the business which helped reach global success. 

'We spent out money wisely, but also weren't scared to fail. And if we did we learnt from it quickly then pivoted and quickly moved on,' she said.  

'We kept reinvesting everything we made back into the business to develop it further.'

Argylica’s top five business tips

Don’t be afraid to fail because you will never try if you do

Make sure you are passionate about what you do

In a saturated market, work on developing a high-quality product

Build a brand, not a company – think about the “why” and what you want to be known for

Make sure you evolve consistently over time

Ms Conditsis said a question she’s been asked the most is ‘how did you get started?’, assuring there is ‘no secret when it comes to business’

“Everything has been trial and error from day one. All the business knowledge I’ve gained has come from this experience,” she said

Ms Conditsis said one of the questions she’s asked the most is ‘how did you get started?’, assuring that there are ‘no secrets when it comes to business’.

“Everything has been trial and error from day one. All the business knowledge I’ve gained has come from this experience,” she said.

‘Every day we make mistakes and we don’t do it right, but we learn from those experiences and we switch very quickly.

And when asked what advice she would give to others starting out, she said not to fear failure and not to rush the process.

“Don’t force it, don’t push it, or cut corners, because that will make you walk backwards,” she said.

“Let yourself flow through it and evolve as you go. ‘

She also said that you should never compare yourself to the journey of others.

“I remember always being so hard on myself in the beginning and I feel like a lot of women in business really beat themselves up by comparing themselves,” she said.

“I always say comparison is the theft of joy, and you should never compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter six. You’ll get there eventually, you just have to be consistent.’

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