NEW SERIES: The love story of Leonard Cohen and Marianne Ihlen in Hydra

leonard cohen marianne ihlen hydra love

A great and deep love, which turned the eyes of the whole world to beautiful Hydra, was the relationship the famous Canadian composer and singer Leonard Cohen shared with the Norwegian journalist-writer and model Marianne Ihlen.

This is a relationship that became a famous song, "So long, Marianne" and inspired books and documentaries.

This massive love affair will be made into an eight-episode TV series and will be Tanweer Productions' first international co-production with Norway's Letters from Leonard and Canada's Connect 3.

In a few days, in Hydra - of unique beauty and nobility - where Cohen's house still stands, filming will begin for the ambitious series that will be shown not only in Greece, Norway and Canada but also in Belgium, Great Britain and other countries.

Filming will also take place in both Canada and Norway.

The script and direction have been undertaken by the leading Norwegian director Øystein Carlsen and the Canadian Bronwen Hughes, while the leading roles are played by the American actor and musician Alex Wolff as Cohen and the Norwegian actress Thea Sofie Loch Næss as Ihlen.

It is worth mentioning that already well-known international media, such as Variety, have started reporting on the series.

The series is expected to premiere on the Norwegian channel NRK in 2024.

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