Registered unemployment in Greece drops in successive months

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Registered unemployment in Greece dropped again and totaled 1,035,580 in March, down 5.2% from March 2022 and down 3.6% from February 2023.

More specifically, 533,314 unemployed (51.5% of total) were long-term unemployed, 370,903 were men (35.8%) and 664,677 were women (64.2%), the state manpower authority said on Thursday.

The 30-44 age group recorded the biggest number of registered unemployment (344,426 or 33.3% of total). Among the country's regions, Attica and Central Macedonia recorded the biggest unemployment numbers (326,185 and 195,336, respectively).

The number of people receiving unemployment benefit totaled 195,365 in March, up 20% from March 2022, but down 18.3% from February 2023.

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