The student who reported Boris Klaiman for rape was suspended from school for 15 days

Boris Klaiman

On April 11, 2023, the goalkeeper of Volos, Boris Klaiman, was arrested after a complaint by a minor student from Belgium for raping her in Kolonaki.

The experienced Israeli goalkeeper who initially pleaded not guilty was later released on bail and will await trial. The student who had come on a trip to Athens returned to Belgium with her school and was punished with a 15-day suspension.

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As 7sur7 reported, both she and her classmates were suspended because that night they violated the regulations and did not return to the hotel where they were staying at the time they were supposed to.

“This decision is not related to the incident, but was taken because the girl, along with other students, broke curfew on the night of the attack," the report said.

"On the night of the attack they should have returned no later than 01:30 as the students were free, but they 'broke' the rules and the incident happened at around 02:00.

"For this reason, the management decided to suspend for 15 days the students who did not respect the regulations, while also suspending them from certain sports activities.

"The school did not comment further on the expulsion, only confirming that relevant sanctions have been imposed."

Boris Klaiman

Klaiman, accused of raping a minor, has been released on €20,000 bail. The soccer player was arrested at dawn on April 11 in Kolonaki after he was accused of raping a teenager from Belgium who was in Greece on a school trip.

The footballer reportedly denied the accusation, as did the team’s physiotherapist and a teammate, who stated, “There was neither violence nor rape.”

The accused goalkeeper allegedly claimed to the magistrate that he and the Belgian schoolgirl “only danced and nothing else.” At the same time, he appeared confident that the results of the forensic tests and the comparison with the genetic material sample he provided would vindicate him.

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