Greek electricity bills to drop in May

greece greek electricity rates

Greek electricity companies announced lower bills for May, with prices set very close to the target set by the government for final charges to consumers.

Specifically, PPC reported a charge of 15.9 cents per KWh for energy consumption up to 500 KWh (16.5 cents in April).

Protergia: 13.96 cents/KW
Heron: 18.7 cents/KWh
Elpedison: 12.5 cents/KWh
NRG: 14 cents/KW
Watt&Volt: 13.96 cents/KWh
Natural Gas HellenIQ Energy: 13.9 cents/KWh
Volterra: 18.8 cents/KWh
Zenith: 11.5 cents/KWh
Volton: 16.63 cents/KWh

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