Ioanna Bella: Endless negative comments on her Instagram - "Too bad, you were beautiful before"

Ioanna Bella

Ioanna Bella represented Greece in the 2018 "Miss Universe" competition, while she also participated in the Greece's Next Top Model reality show.

Today, the model lives and works in Dubai, which, as she said in an interview, "is a country that helps you move forward, it doesn't hold you back."

The presence of Ioanna Bella did not go unnoticed. The model has gathered many negative comments for the plastic operations she has done on her body and face, as well as the "excessive use of photoshop", as claimed by her social media followers.

Her profile has 1.6 million followers, with whom she regularly shares her photos with revealing poses either from projects in which she participates, or from her everyday life.

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Despite the comments deifying her, there remains a large portion of the platform's users who criticise her for her physical changes and the way she edits the images she uploads.

"Why my beautiful girl?", "Too bad, she was very beautiful before", "You lack confidence not beauty", "Not even the Kardashians have plastic surgery, too bad" are some of the comments she has received.


"I have only had one plastic surgery, the one on the chest"

This is not the first time that Ioanna Bella has received the "fire" of Instagram for her posts. When journalists asked her in September 2022 about the plastic surgery she has done, she answered: " I will do what I want and I will not give an account to anyone".

In January 2023, however, she responded to those accusing her of multiple surgeries, denying that she has had more than one.

"Regarding the operations, I will say that I have had one operation, on my chest. The rest are injectable. I don't go in and out of operating rooms. Everything else I have done is not permanent, it lasts for six months," she stated.

What was she saying about photoshop?

In October 2022, Ioanna Bella was again in the spotlight, after photoshopping her face on a magazine cover, which had already been released.


Many of her followers noticed that the face of the model in her new post is significantly different from the one in the magazine, which testifies that it has definitely been edited.

The audience was quick to comment not only on her obsession with filters and photoshop, but also on the fact that her act shows disrespect to the professionals who worked for this result.

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