Greek elections 2023: New Democracy leads SYRIZA with 6.9%

greek elections new democracy

The ruling New Democracy leads SYRIZA by 6.9% according to the latest Metron Analysis poll conducted on behalf of the Sunday Step. Specifically, in the first poll conducted after the official announcement of the May 21 elections, ND leads with 33.8%, followed by SYRIZA with 26.9%.

In third place is PASOK with 10.3% while the KKE collects 7.3%.

Next comes MeRA 25, with 5.4% and Hellenic Solution with 4.9%. At the same time, Kasidiaris' "Hellenes" party continues to appear in the opinion polls and collects 4.2%.

Regarding the intention to vote, the difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA is 5.6%, without, however, incorporating the percentage of undecided votes. More specifically, New Democracy leads with 27.8%, SYRIZA follows with 22.2%.

In third place is PASOK with 8.5% and in fourth place is KKE with 6%. MeRA 25 is next with 4.4%, Hellenic Solution with 4% and Kasidiari party with 3.5%.

How do citizens evaluate Mitsotakis and Tsipras?

At the same time, the evaluation of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis appears stable, as 38% of respondents have a positive opinion and 54% judge him negatively. On the other hand, 23% of respondents evaluate Alexis Tsipras positively and 71% negatively.

Based on the findings of the poll conducted by Metron Analysis it is extremely unlikely that a self-reliance government will emerge in the May 21 elections.

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