The Cubano in Sifnos: The Che Guevara bar-museum that ONLY serves rum

che guevara sifnos the cubano

Photographs, t-shirts, newspaper clippings, hats and generally everything that refers to Che Guevara and Cuba is spread from end to end throughout this entire bar in Sifnos.

Behind the bar is a cool guy with a bandana on his head and a spark in his eyes. He opens a shaker and treats you to the first shot of the evening.

The Cubano rhythms playing on the speakers make you feel like you're in the right place. "Kavos Sunrise" or as everyone knows the shop, "The Cubano", is the trademark of Sifnos, but also for many one of the best bars in the Cyclades.

It is definitely the most special.

Built in one of the most beautiful parts of the Castle of the island with an impressive view of the Aegean and the chapel of the Seven Martyrs, this bar makes you escape from reality almost immediately.


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♬ Me Gustas Tu - Manu Chao

Its interior is a real Che Guevara museum. Its owner, Kostas, says that he once traveled to Cuba, lived there for a few months and when he returned home he wanted to bring a piece of the Caribbean with him.

So he built this particular bar and filled it with things reminiscent of Che, Fidel Castro and the Caribbean country. That's why everyone knows the shop as "The Cubano", although its real name is something else.

When the rum arrives at your table, or to put it better... on your terrace, time stops. Don't expect comforts. In the Cubano, people sit on wooden chairs and rest their glass on the terrace, or have it in their hand and look at the rags that are spread on the steps.

However, don't worry about that. What matters is that you will drink rum (and only rum - with lemon or cola) for only five euros , listen to live music and "lose" yourself to the unbeatable view.

And although one would expect that the view would be the most photographed point of the Cubano, one is wrong. The image that everyone wants to capture and then upload to social media is of the "mountain" formed by the empty Havana Club bottles inside the store.

If you have seen it up close, you understand very well what we are talking about.

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  1. Let’s celebrate even more bars and museums that celebrate evil monsters. Why not a Putin museum or a Saddam hussein museum? Both were supposedly good for their people and country. This article is ridiculous

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