Journey to another reality: The first "Teleport Services" is activated in Athens

Teleport Services Athens

Neither an escape room nor a VR game, Teleport Services is something completely new that does exactly what its name says.

How would it feel if you could leave your office, park your car on Mediterranean Avenue and suddenly teleport to a spaceship with your friends, fight aliens and save the planet from a massive disaster? Sci-fi scenario right?

And yet that was more or less what Gazzetta experienced on a simple Monday afternoon after work.

You see, Teleport Services recently activated the first "teleportation portal" in Athens (403 Mesogeion Avenue, Agia Paraskevi).

You'll understandably be wondering "what the heck is this teleportation portal?" Everyone has this exact same question until they enter the building.

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Teleport Services is essentially a company that designs and implements original Hyper Reality experiences. With the help of technology, the imaginary and the real are seamlessly mixed so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and where the other begins.

Thus, thanks to its innovative system and combined with state-of-the-art VR elements, it allows the audience to teleport and participate in an interactive experience that is difficult to describe and compare to anything we know so far.

It has elements of VR games and Escape Rooms, but it's neither. It is something completely new, which can fascinate young and old. It is something that only those who have experienced it can really understand.

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Having opened its "portal" relatively recently, for now visitors can teleport to two worlds. The first is called AL13N5 and the second Wizard Academy.

To enjoy it to the fullest, it would be advisable to go as a group of three to six people. After all, who would want to reach another dimension alone, without having someone to share the experience with?

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Since we wanted more action and less puzzles, we chose the journey into space and within a few seconds we found ourselves in a completely different reality. For about an hour we left Athens behind and worked together as a team to save the Earth from a major catastrophe.

You can certainly call it an interesting afternoon. In fact, for any teams that want to fight for survival among themselves, then there is also the choice of the arena, where things get serious.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Teleport Services innovates in the creation of tools for companies, while the technologies it develops are not limited only to the field of entertainment and digital experiences, but also open new horizons in education and culture.

Now an entire school class can walk in Antarctica, take a spacewalk and explore ancient civilizations.

As the creators of Teleport Services say, the closest thing to this experience is magic. Who doesn't want some of that?

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