Glowing Assessment of UNESCO's Report on the Acropolis in Athens

Greece’s decision to cement sections of the Acropolis

According to a report by UNESCO's World Heritage Center and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the Acropolis in Athens is in excellent condition and is well-protected.

A 70-page report has been recently released by the WHC, which emphasizes that the Acropolis Monuments Conservation Committee, established in 1975, has been conducting conservation and restoration work on the sacred site based on extensive research. The decision-making process of the relevant authorities is supervised by high-level scientists and the government, ensuring comprehensiveness and oversight.

The report was authored by scientists who visited Greece in 2022 amid a heated public debate about interventions to the Acropolis, such as installing new routes covered by cement for people with mobility issues, constructing an elevator, and implementing new lighting for the monument.

UNESCO: Restoration of Acropolis “did not have a negative impact”

According to the report, the repaving of the pathways has resulted in wider walkways that are functionally useful for visitors, wheelchairs, and construction vehicles carrying heavy marble blocks. However, the report suggests that the paving material's appearance and texture could have been better designed to blend in with the Acropolis setting.

The installation of the new elevator and lighting, on the other hand, has positively impacted the monument's visibility and accessibility at night, and they don't negatively impact the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the Acropolis. The experts noted that the new elevator is beneficial for people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with young children.

The report also recommends the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the interventions and the implementation of a "management plan" for the Acropolis. Additionally, it includes suggestions for the restoration of the western entrance and proposals for future restoration work.

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