Despina Kotsis’ Clothing Brand to Feature in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Despina Kotsis’ Clothing Brand to Feature in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Authentic. Inspirational. Creativity. These are the three words 23-year-old Greek American Despina Kotsis uses describes her brand Minx New York.

The streetwear designer has always had a passion for fashion since she was a little girl and would sketch her own designs for clothes. “I always loved to design. Fashion has been a way of expression not only for me and but for everybody which is why I love it so much! I always took pride in the way I dressed for school, or when I went out, and in highs school I really began to find a liking towards streetwear which made me want to start my own clothing brand. My passion for fashion is going to be a part of me forever since the day I leave this earth because it makes me who I am,” Despina tells GCT.

Since GCT last spoke to Despina in 2018, a lot has changed. Not only has she matured more mentally but her clothing brand has gone through many changes. During this period, social media usage changed and the pandemic brought the world to a standstill.

“Though these times were tough for us all, my passion and ambition for making Minx New York known to the world was never gone. I awaited the days long and hard for when the post offices would open up again. I had to find new manufactures. My brain always kept Minx in the back of my mind,” she continues.

As the world began to reopen slowly again, young and enthusiastic Despina continued what she started, and the brand slowly started re-growing its presence on social media.

The biggest inspiration behind Despina’s designs is her creativity. Walking around buzzing New York City, which is an artist’s dream destination, she mainly finds inspiration for her designs and styles.

“I analyse everything when I go out from the birds on the street, to the graffiti on the walls, I think that’s what makes creatives so differently is that they see the world in such a different lens than other people do. Everything is perceived as some form of art. Once I have an idea, I either write it down or make a quick sketch and then begin to design more in depth.”

The most popular and Despina’s favourite design is the ‘dope eye’, which was inspired by the Greek evil eye (also known as the ‘mati’). She adds “I have been a fan of the mati forever especially because it is a huge part of my Greek culture, so I wanted to create a more modern twist by upgrading the colours into a more vibrant version and also changing the lashes into the magical NYC skyline. This design really represented me as a Greek American living in my beautiful city, New York.”

Despina remembers the first time she watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ was with her grandparents at their house. “I never related to a movie so much in my life and watching the movie with my yiayia and pappou, while eating koulourakia and hearing them truly burst out into laughter with me, not only brought great joy but really touched my heart. I was making core life memories with them and I did not even know it… Something inside of me from a young age said, I want to be a part of this if there was another movie because I truly loved the movie so much. I think I have watched the movie [My Big Fat Greek Wedding] so many times, I honestly lost count. That movie really feels like home to me when I watch it and has a special place in my heart.”

… And Despina is excited to announce that Minx New York is going to be featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

She recalls that moment when she received a message from famous actress Nia Vardalos.

“I thought I was honestly dreaming! I am so excited to be a part of this project and I think my younger self would be giving me such a big hug right now and be thrilled! I felt this from a little girl wanting to be a part of this and now that my brand is going to be in my favourite movie sequel, all I can say is that I am truly blessed. I could not have done this without the support of the amazing Nia Vardalos. She has been a huge supporter of mine ever since I opened Minx New York on the first day of my site. She has supported me every step of this journey of mine and it is an honour not only to have had her wear my designs but to now be featured in one of her films, especially because I can relate to it and the love for the MBFGW series! Nia Vardalos has been a huge role model to me from a young age especially in the Greek community, and again I just want to say thank you so much Nia for this opportunity!”

And don’t forget, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will premiere in theatres on 8 September, 2023!

We already can't wait!

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