Aris and PAOK footballers are victims of supercar scam

Maserati MC20 supercar PAOK

Aris and PAOK football players were the victim of a massive fraud that involved cars from Germany never reaching their hands.

The criminal network that plague the automotive space do not seem to stop their activity and are constantly finding new ways to convince their potential victims.

The new case, which was revealed in an exclusive report by Live News with Nikos Evangeliato, has to do with well-known football players from Thessaloniki and other professionals, who were entangled in the nets of a criminal group for importing cheap cars from Germany.

The case has made its way to the courts, with the complainants appointing well-known criminologist Mr. Kouya to handle their case. This is a case whose total cost can exceed 1 million euros.

The ring promised cheap car prices to prospective customers. A customs officer and a middleman were involved in this. Both promised customers that they would bring them cars at half the price of the equivalent in Greece.

In order to achieve this, they claimed that they won them at auctions in Germany, where they managed to get very low prices. The customs broker based in Patras then promised to clear the car in his name and then hand it over to the prospective owner.

In fact, among the "benefits" they promised that they would release it as "old" so that its price would be reduced even more. The crime group operated for a long time, mainly in Thessaloniki, and became known among the city's football players.

Aris player Giorgos Delizisis spoke on the Live News bulletin , who said that the two accomplices managed to convince them that everything was legal and that the procedures were proceeding normally and completely legally.

But the cars never arrived and the delay was attributed to various causes including the coronavirus. Eventually the "bubble" burst, with the two accomplices blaming each other.

While the case has now taken the path of justice , with prospective customers asking to get their money back.

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