Greek Taxi Drivers Overturn And Smash Uber Cars For Offering Cheaper Rides

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The incident occurred on the Greek island of Rhodes in response to Uber drivers allegedly charging less than the permitted fare for rides to the airport.

Local media outlets Dimokratiki and Rodiak captured the shocking aftermath of the Greek taxi drivers’ rampage outside Uber Greece’s premises in Rhodes. The photos show a VW T-Roc and a Volvo XC40 flipped over on their roofs, with their logos suggesting that they were leased to be used by Uber.

Several other cars and SUVs were also vandalized, with shattered windows and broken mirrors. Among the damaged vehicles were a Mercedes CLA, three GLAs, a Peugeot 3008, and a Skoda Octavia.

In response to the vandalism on Rhodes Island, Uber Greece released a statement condemning the incident in Rhodes, stating that nothing justifies acts of violence under any circumstances. The ride-sharing giant has pledged to work with the authorities to identify those responsible for the vandalism, emphasizing that threats and aggression shouldn’t be tolerated. At the same time, Uber Greece also expressed its commitment to supporting local taxi drivers through cooperation.

The local taxi syndicate in Rhodes has a different take on the situation, saying they will continue to oppose Uber’s presence in the region without mentioning the vandalism.

They argue that the multinational company’s entry into the market has created unfair and unregulated competition in a market with strong seasonal characteristics.

According to the taxi syndicate, more than 700 families in Rhodes depend on the taxi business for their livelihoods. The taxi drivers have vowed to continue their fight against Uber with more demonstrations and strikes.