Turkey's Erdogan cancels 3rd day of election appearances


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a major political figure in Turkey and has been in power for over two decades. Since announcing his run for a third presidential term in Turkey's upcoming May 14 elections, Erdogan has campaigned tirelessly with multiple public appearances each day. However, his intense schedule seemed to take a toll on his health, and he was forced to cancel his election appearances for three consecutive days due to an intestinal infection.

The cancellation of his campaign events has caused some political tension as polls indicate a close race between Erdogan and his main challenger. The Turkish leader's recent pale appearance raised concerns about his health and his ability to lead the country. However, officials have sought to dispel concerns over the 69-year-old leader's health to reassure the public ahead of the elections.

In addition to the health concerns, Erdogan is facing mounting pressure due to Turkey's ongoing economic struggles and recent natural disasters. In February 2021, an earthquake in eastern Turkey killed more than 50 people and caused significant damage. As a result, Erdogan's opponent has taken the lead in recent polls, and the upcoming elections are expected to be closely contested.


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