AEK: Matías Almeyda tattooed on a fanatical fan

By 5 months ago

Matías Almeyda has fanatical fans all over the world.

A fanatical fan of the former player of the Argentine National Team, River Plate, Lazio, Inter Milan and Sevilla got a tattoo on his arm of the current manager of AEK.

A fan of Almeyda uploaded the tattoo he had just done and captioned it: "Live without fear" (vive sin miedo). The tattoo depicts the former footballer shooting in the Argentina national team jersey.

The coach of "yellow and black" is particularly loved by the ranks of River Plate fans. However, it is worth noting that the Argentinian coach has already won the hearts of AEK fans and the respect of opposition fans for the way his team plays and his character.

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