CLEOPATRA: The Quest to Reconstruct Her Look (VIDEO)


Cleopatra, the Greek queen of Egypt and the last pharaoh, is one of the most iconic figures in history, particularly known for her part in a quarreling Rome. She was not only known for her intelligence and beauty, but also her powerful political acumen.

Despite her significance, historians have debated for centuries what Cleopatra actually looked like.

While some historical sources have given us a glimpse into her appearance, others have remained ambiguous or contradictory. One factor that has made this task even more challenging is the lack of contemporary portraits or images of Cleopatra.

Nevertheless, in recent years, researchers have been using a variety of methods to recreate her likeness, including examining ancient statues and analyzing DNA to solve the riddle of her real ethnicity.

By exploring the historical sources and using these techniques, we can begin to piece together a more accurate image of what Cleopatra may have looked like and gain a deeper understanding of this legendary queen.

See the video:

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