MAESTRO: Yorgos Benos swam in the icy waters of Antipaxos - See photo

Yorgos Benos

The cast and crew of "Maestro in Blue" are in Paxos for the filming of the second season.

Yorgos Benos or "Spyros" from the popular series by Christoforos Papakaliatis, put on his swimsuit and swam in the icy waters of Antipaxos, probably for the needs of a certain scene of the hero he is playing.

The actor uploaded through his personal profile on Instagram, which counts almost 50,000 followers, a photo of him from the moment he dived into the sea.

His photo received thousands of likes, while in the comments, his online friends wrote, among other things, that he is "a hero who dived into the waters of the Ionian at this time".

After all, he also points out in the caption of his publication that the bath he took was "icy".

See the photo:

Giorgos Benos maestro antipaxos

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