Elections 2023: Nikos Androulakis "hits" a PASOK voter in the stomach and tenderly hugs him

Nikos Androulakis PASOK

"I love him!" said PASOK president Nikos Androulakis when hugging a party voter during the tour he made on Sunday in Alexandroupoli and Xanthi.

"Your son is sending me messages from San Francisco," continued Androulakis, addressing the man with whom he had a conversation. He receive the answer "I know, I know!".

At the end of their brief meeting, the president of PASOK "tenderly" hits his old friend in the stomach, who instinctively reacts by moving backwards.

Watch the video:


As national elections approach, "we have an obligation to assess the real circumstances of workers and of the Greek economy," PASOK-Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Androulakis said on Monday, during rallies in Athens for Labor Day.

Speaking at the rally of the GSEE and ADEDY federations, Androulakis said that real wages dropped by 7.4% in 2022 alone, while the purchasing power of households is the third-worst among European Union member states.

PASOK-KINAL's leader also noted that "collective labor agreements were undermined, and [Prime Minister Kyriakos] Mitsotakis' development is a development of job openings offering a wage of 400 and 500 euros, which turn young people's top priority to leaving Greece" for jobs abroad.

On the May 21 election day, Androulakis said, all Greeks should join for change to build social justice for all, especially for younger generations.

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