Elections 2023 – Where will expatriates vote (polling stations and cities)

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Detailed information about cities and polling stations

Greek residents abroad will have for the first time the right to cast their ballots in a national election.

Overseas elections will be held on Saturday 20 May in 100 polling stations around the world. Voting in all polling stations outside Greece will last from 7.00 to 19.00 local time in each country.

“Outside the Territory, voter” means any Greek citizen who has an active right to vote, is registered in the electoral rolls, and is permanently or temporarily outside Greece on the day of the election.

For the establishment of a polling station – and therefore the possibility of each expatriate voting in the place they have chosen through the application – there must be at least forty voters who have expressed their desire to vote in the same city. Otherwise, interested parties will be informed in which polling station they will exercise their right to vote.

The Ministry of the Interior has made public the cities where no polling station has been set up for the 2023 elections, as well as where voters who have applied to vote in these cities will be able to exercise their right to vote. See which are the overseas polling stations and in which cities overseas voters will be able to vote and which ones will not, as there are cities where there is no polling station.

The following tables show a) the country, b) the cities where no electoral division (*) is set up, due to a limited number of applications or special conditions in each diplomatic region, and c) the cities in which electors registered in the electoral rolls of cities where no polling station is established can vote, according to this allocation. (*)

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