Turkey: Erdoğan dresses as a pilot after his illness and sends a warning to Greece

Turkey Erdoğan

In a solemn tone, in the context of a pre-election event, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the "national fighter aircraft of Turkey" will be called KAAN.

In the wake of his illness becoming the subject of global debate, the Turkish president posted a photo on his Twitter account of himself looking haughty, wearing a pilot's jacket and sunglasses, and climbing into the cockpit of KAAN.

However, despite his efforts to appear prosperous, the signs of fatigue are not hidden, with his image once again betraying weakness.

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At the same time, Erdoğan did not fail to send a new warning message to Greece, stressing the following: "We will continue to disturb those on the other side of the waters".

Turkey is now in every "field" – on land, sea and underwater, air and space, Erdoğan said during the event – ​​“Century of the Future” – organised by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in Ankara for the presentation of the aircraft.

The fifth-generation aircraft, KAAN, was developed by TAI to replace its aging fleet of F-16s, it stressed, in the wake of the Turks' inability to get US congressional approval for the upgrade kits.

"With this aircraft, Turkey will become one of the five countries that have this kind of technology," Erdoğan said.

The aircraft, launched as a project in 2016, is 21 metres long and can reach a maximum speed of mach 1.8 thanks to its twin engines, which can produce 29,000 pounds (13,000 kg) of thrust each. "Its name is KAAN, may his sword be sharp!" commented the Turkish industry in its post.

KAAN, as a fifth-generation aircraft, according to TAI, has many advanced features, such as battle damage detection, low detectability, precision targeting and internal weapons storage.

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