ATHENS: Father put a hidden camera in the bathroom and "recorded" his naked 15-year-old daughter

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On Tuesday, a 37-year-old woman filed a complaint with the Ilion Security Department about her 45-year-old husband whom she accuses of installing a hidden camera to film their 15-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son naked.

According to Proto Thema, the 37-year-old mother of two, who was visibly disturbed, explained to police exactly how exactly she managed to find out that her husband had been filming not only herself naked without any knowledge, but also their teenage daughter.

Her husband had allegedly placed the camera in the bathroom, above the mirror of the vanity unit. Through the camera he took videos and snapshots, which he saved on his mobile phone in a hidden folder.

"While I was looking for unrelated photos of our children on his mobile phone, I also found a hidden folder with other photos, which I opened," the 37-year-old mother told the police. “The first picture I saw was of my daughter, wrapped in a towel, which had been taken just the night before."

"I was shocked. I continued looking through the folder and then I found other photos , which show my 15-year-old daughter, either naked or in her underwear," she added.

According to what the mother claimed to the police, the oldest photo in the file is from a month ago. However, she does not know when her husbamd started watching them from the hidden camera he had placed in the bathroom.

However, in her agitation, she was able to send to herself 15-20 photos out of a total of 130 nude photos of her minor daughter and thus obtain part of the evidence, which she presented to the police, while also informing her husband.

"I called him to come home and pack his things and leave the family home," the 37-year-old mother told the police. "As soon as he returned home, I told him to pack his things and  to disappear from us.

"But he pleaded ignorance. I told him that I know what he has on his phone and that I have given it where it belongs, meaning the police. Then he went into the bathroom and locked the door. After a while he came out and asked me what I did with what I saw on his phone.

"He asked me again and I answered him in the same way, that is, that I sent them where they should be."

Then the 45-year-old, visibly upset, left the house and his wife went into the bathroom looking for the hidden camera.

"All I found was a magnet, which I suspect was where he had placed it," added the 37-year-old in her statement.

It was later reported by Proto Thema that the man was also filming their 16-year-old son.

Police officers found the 48-year-old on Tuesday evening. He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol when found inside the business he owns in a​​Western Attica.

He was arrested soon after and was brought before the prosecutor on Wednesday and faces the charge of child pornography.

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