Michalis "Iron Mike" Zambidis and Maria Dassiou are marrying and baptising their twin daughters in June

iron mike mihalis zambidis

In May 2022, Michalis "Iron Mike" Zambidis and his partner Maria Carolina Dassiou welcomed their twin daughters, whom, as the kickboxer revealed, they will soon baptise. Speaking live on "Proino", he also mentioned that on the same day as the baptism, he will also marry his beloved.

"On June 17, we will have a double sacrament, a baptism and a wedding at Lake Vouliagmeni. I am marrying this wonderful person, Maria," said Zambidis.

"It's a special moment. I have prepared many surprises for the guests as well as for Maria. We will be about 150 people, we will be close friends. I would like whoever comes there to have a good time and be there at the most pivotal moment of our lives."

In a recent interview on the same show, the kickboxing champion revealed about the day of delivery:

"Maria gave birth to the twins and after about a week, she regained her weight. I was in labour, I experienced it as a struggle. I'm glad I was there. I cut both umbilical cords."

Afterwards, the athlete spoke with obvious emotion about his new role as a father.

"They keep smiling at me. I love when I wake them up to eat and wait to see their first reaction when they see that they are going to eat. They smile at me and I melt," he said in closing.

Maria and Mike Zambidis have been together for four years or so. She works in the gym owned by Iron Mike in Glyfada, in the reception area.

From the beginning, the athlete was impressed with her bright smile. Their first public joint appearance was in September 2019, at the Vrachon Theatre.

It is recalled that the 18 time World Champion announced at aged 41 in August 2021 that he is ready to take his relationship to the next level and have children.

He said on television: “We feel ready to become parents. I look forward to this gift, because it is a huge asset.”

“What is more beautiful than creating life, investing time, knowledge and energy in them?” he added.

Mike and Maria have been together for the last few years but have chosen to keep their relationship out of the limelight.

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