Dionisis Sxoinas tender photo for the 26th anniversary with Kaiti Garbi

Dionisis Sxoinas, Kaiti Garbi photo

Dionisis Sxoinas published on his personal Instagram account a joint photo with his wife, Kaiti Garbi, in honour of their 26th anniversary.

In the picture the two singers are relaxing on two sunbeds, holding each other's hand. In the caption of the photo, Sxoinas wrote: "Some 30 years together and then you're free!"

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Soon after the post, fans and followers shared their wishes for the couple in love.

Sxoinas's happy birthday and the televised marriage proposal that made history

It is one of the scenes that have been etched in the history of Greek private television - the on-air marriage proposal that Sxoinas made to his beloved Kaiti Garbi.

Specifically, it was on New Year's Eve, 26 years ago, that the first televised marriage proposal took place in Greece, with Dionysis Sxoinas surprising Kaiti Garbi, but also Roula Koromilas.

Guests on the show of Roula, Kaiti and Dionisis went to welcome in 1997 but left with wedding rings!

Without anyone expecting it, Sxoinas took the ring out of his pocket and proposed. "What is going to happen; Will you marry me after all?", he said, when the presenter asked him what he wished for the new year.

Kaiti was left speechless and - bewildered and visibly moved - whispered "are you crazy?", the presenter asked for New Year's Eve to be earlier (it was twenty minutes before 23:00).

See the historic marriage proposal:

In May 1997, Kaiti and Dionisis were united after the sacred bonds of marriage and since then they have been together and inseparable.

They even have a son, Dimitris, who is also involved in music. On the occasion of 25 years of married life, Dionisis uploaded the video with the marriage proposal on his Instagram. "25 years together my queen," he wrote in his understated yet heartfelt and loving post.

I wanted "the earth to open up and swallow me", the singer had said in an interview with Nikos Moutsina about his brave decision to propose to Kaiti Garbi in front of the whole of Greece.

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