Greek election poll: New Democracy at 35.4% and SYRIZA at 27.7%

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Alexis Tsipras, New Democracy, SYRIZA

According to Metron Analysis, the ruling New Democracy party is leading in the polls against opposition SYRIZA ahead of the Greek elections on May 21.

The poll was carried out on a sample of 1,305 citizens from April 25 to May 2 and measured people's responses to a variety of issues.

In the vote estimate (reduced to the total), the ruling party is recorded at 35.4%, compared to 27.7% of SYRIZA. PASOK, which registers a small increase of 0.4% and was measured at 10.7% in the vote estimate.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) at 6.6%, MeRA25 at 4.5% and the Hellenic Solution will seemingly but narrowly have members in parliament, with a percentage of 3.2%. The right-wing Hellenic Solution lost 1.4% in the voting intention.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis showed a significant increase of two percentage points - in relation to the same company's measurement in April/ Opposition leader Alexis Tsipras only increased by one percentage point.

Mitsotakis recorded a percentage higher than the vote estimate for his party - at 37% - which shows that the New Democracy has significant room for improvement even ahead of the first ballot. In fact, 20% of the 12.2% of "gray zone" voters come from New Democracy, according to the survey.

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