Nearly 70% of Greeks think a woman’s place is in the kitchen

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A recent Eurobarometer poll found that nearly 70% of Greeks agreed with the statement that "the most important role of a woman is to take care of her home and family," the highest of a non-ex-communist country in Europe.

Specifically, 69% of polled Greeks agreed with this statement. This is by far one the largest percentage among European countries as almost all of them are below the average of 44%.

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Above Greece are only the countries of the Eastern Bloc, primarily neighbouring Bulgaria, where the answer reaches 81%. The most impressive thing is that in many countries, including Greece, women also give similar answers.

The phrase “we have become Sweden”, which mockingly symbolises licentiousness, is just right, since only 11% of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian country who took part in the survey agree with the position of women.

In contrast to the male stereotype that “the most important role of a man is to make money”, the Greeks again supported the opinion at 65%, while the European average is 43%. At the extreme points again Bulgaria (81%) and Sweden (10%).

As you can see from the above equality stereotype map, Greece scores particularly high (by the way, the more intense the colour, the more stereotyped people are).

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Eurobarometer data on gender equality in Europe.

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