Nikos Apostolopoulos: "Vasilis Bisbikis and Constantina Bekiari are not divorced"

Nikos Apostolopoulos, Vasilis Bisbikis

Vasilis Bisbikis may be living the ultimate love life with Despina Vandi, but he has not yet divorced his ex-wife, Constantina Bekiari.

Nikos Apostolopoulos, a designer and good friend of the former couple, spoke to "On Time" and confirmed the fact. He even emphasised that Vandi and Bisbikis should be more discreet with their public displays of love.

"I know that Vasilis and Constantina have not divorced," he said initially and mentioned about the actor's relationship with Despina Vandi. "If there is such a passion, live it secretly, there is no reason to expose it. This is my opinion about Vandis' relationship with Bisbikis."

Regarding the actor's marriage with Bekiari, he said: "Constantina is a good, pleasant and happy child. She and Vasilis got married out of great love. She is a doll, a living person with energy. When you have a 10-year-old boy, I think you have to be careful in your actions towards the child and towards the woman you had."

“He must have been very stupid to do that, you must not know where you are to be so extroverted in love. You have to be discreet, things in the house, not in the municipality. When a situation hasn't ended, you don't make such prominent moves. You hang a story on the pegs, when it's over, you're divorced and your child is fully aware of the situation, because there's school, classmates, bullying... It's strange today."

Finally, he explained what exactly is happening in the actor's relationship today, with his ex-wife.

"They haven't gotten a divorce in the year and a half that they haven't been together. I believe they will get a divorce at some point. Their relations are ok, not bad. Every weekend, the child has his father. Constantina has not progressed her life with another relationship, she deals with her child and her shop, nothing else. She goes to the store every day, she takes the child to the best colleges, to sports, she is an excellent mother," he concluded.

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