Orion 2023: Four Greek Mirages in the multinational exercise in France

greek mirage fighter jets Orion 2023

The multinational exercise "Orion 2023" which took place on the territory of France, as well as in the sea areas of the central and western Mediterranean, has been completed and included four Greek Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets.

ORION 2023 involved four Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets which had been stationed at the Mont de Marsan Air Base in France for this purpose.

The final phase (phase 4) of the exercise envisaged the achievement of air superiority before the launch of large-scale ground operations by a multinational force under French control to retake French territory.

In this phase, complex interdisciplinary operational scenarios were executed in an environment of electronic warfare and multiple threats such as:

- Offensive Counter Air Operations (OCA)

- Defensive Counter Air Operations (DCA)

- Execution of air scenarios (Slow Mover Protection - SLOMO PROTECT) and

- Air attack objects (Air Defense Exercise - ADEX).

The Distinguished Visitors Day (DV Day) of the 4th phase was attended by GES Chief Lt. Gen. Angelos Houdeloudis, at the Suippes de Champagne exercise field and included a demonstration of combined land and air offensive energy to destroy high-value targets.

The exercise - added in the GEETHA announcement - contributed to promoting the level of operational readiness, combat capability, and cooperation between the participants in a bilateral and allied context.

The participation of the Greek Armed Forces is part of the implementation of the "Guidelinesfor the upgrade of the Greek-French military cooperation " signed by the heads of the General Defense Forces of the two countries, Generals Konstantinos Floros and Thierry Burkhard.

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