The remark of an Olympiacos fan to Tsipras: "Just like Sloukas, finish them off" (VIDEO)

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Alexis Tsipras continues his pre-election tour, where he has the opportunity to talk to many citizens, ahead of the May 21 elections.

A short dialogue that the president of SYRIZA had with a fan of Olympiacos brought some epic rants, as he likened him to the basketballer Kostas Sloukas.

The Olympiacos fan said to Alexis Tsipras: "Just like Sloukas, finish them off, even if you're an asshole" and he replied: "You've given me an idea now " and made the audience burst into laughter.


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Meanwhile, Tsipras reiterated his call to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for a one-on-one televised debate while addressing an open event at the city of Grevena on Saturday.

The main opposition party leader noted that although Mitsotakis will participate in the live televised debate of the leaders of all six parliamentary parties he has fixed specific terms, such as, Tsipras said, that "no one can ask the other anything, while journalists will not be allowed to ask a question that has not been pre-approved."

If Mitsotakis "had convincing arguments for voters he would accept the invitation for a one-on-one debate," Tsipras pointed out.

Tsipras also charged the government of "doing nothing for the Grevena prefecture, where unemployment has reached 35%, one in two residents is retired, and the population of the prefecture has decreased by 16% based on the latest census report."

He also committed anew to support measures for farmers and livestock breeders, and reiterated that if he becomes prime minister he will abolish the minimum grade requirement for admission to universities, noting that due to this requirement some 450 fewer students are now studying at university campuses in Grevena.

Political parties will participate in a televised debate at 21:00 on Wednesday, May 10.

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