Greek Cup: Cyprus police again say "no" to hosting the final

Greek Cup

The new effort of the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) to hold the final of the Greek Cup in Cyprus seems to be headed for "wreck" again.

The press representative of the country's police, Christos Andreou, in his statements on Kerkida, emphasised that he has not received any information about the relevant request, only having relevant information from what is written in the media.

However the attitude of the police is not going to change and remains negative since in that first decision the possibility of the match being played without people was also taken into account.

He made it clear that the police remain negative and that the matter for them has been definitively and irrevocably closed.

The statements of Christos Andreou in detail:

"Officially we do not have any such request. We have been informed by the media. But I must say that we stick to our original decision, in which the possibility of the match being held without people was also taken. The police are negative. The issue for us has ended."

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